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UFO Podcasts

Here are 70 Best UFO Podcasts worth listening to in 2024

1. Open Minds UFO Radio

Open Minds UFO Radio Going beyond the basics...Interviews and discussions with UFO researchers, authors, witnesses, scientists, and others to talk in-depth about issues related to this very real phenomenon, as they bring together some of the best minds from multiple disciplines so that they can put their heads together to try to gain insight into this enigmatic issue.
Host Alejandro Rojas
Facebook Followers 15.4KTwitter Followers 67.9K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 75 min Since Aug 2009 Get Email Contact Get Influential Podcasters ContactsGet access to 100k active Podcasters, Influencers in 1500 niche categories.Get targeted media contact list in your niche at your fingertips so you can focus on running your campaign.Email us the categories of Podcasters you want to reach out for your marketing campaign at anuj@feedspot.com Copy email. We'll share active Podcasters list with verified email contacts in an Excel or CSV format.

2. Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told Truth Be Told is a live 1-hour radio/WebTV show with Tony Sweet and co-host Captain Ron. They seek answers from the world's leading experts in the field of UFO investigations, abductions, the Paranormal, secret societies, and historical moments and figures in history. Inviting all the listeners to learn and create their own truth based on each show's content.
Hosts Tony Sweet, Captain Ron
Facebook Followers 3.4KTwitter Followers 10.6K Frequency 2 episodes / week Avg Length 29 min Since Apr 2015 Get Email Contact

3. Podcast UFO

Podcast UFO Podcast UFO is a place where you can listen to audio podcasts about UFOs, close encounters and people associated with the UFO phenomenon. Witnesses involved in such things as sightings, views on cover-ups and more. Tune in to find out more.
Host Martin Willis
Facebook Followers 21.2KTwitter Followers 13.9K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 47 min Since May 2015 Get Email Contact


UFO WARNING UFO WARNING is a show focused on UFO sightings, abductions, and close encounters. You can also find the latest UFO news and video at ufowarning.zone.
Frequency 1 episode / day Avg Length 20 min Since Aug 2018 Get Email Contact

5. Engaging The Phenomenon

Engaging The Phenomenon Bringing Clarity To The Unidentified [Aerial Phenomena]. Research and Field Work investigating UFOs and related phenomena: UFO/UAP, CE-5, Consciousness, and more! Engaging The Phenomenon; Directly, Intellectually, Philosophically, Socially, and Beyond. An inclusive approach to The UFO Phenomenon: CE-5(Contact)/Field Work, UFO Research, the Experiencer Phenomenon, Consciousness, and more.
Host James Iandoli
Twitter Followers 29.4K Frequency 2 episodes / week Avg Length 77 min Since Apr 2021 Get Email Contact

6. Mysterious Universe Podcasts

Mysterious Universe Podcasts Mysterious Universe covers the strange, extraordinary, weird, and wonderful and everything in between. On these pages, you will find the latest news on topics as unorthodox as the UFO Phenomenon, Ghosts and Hauntings, and Cryptozoology, along with the latest in Science, Technology, and Astronomy.
Hosts Aaron Wright, Benjamin Grundy
Facebook Followers 560.6KTwitter Followers 39.7KInstagram Followers 22.6K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 81 min Since Feb 2017 Get Email Contact

7. UFO Paranormal Radio & United Public Radio

UFO Paranormal Radio & United Public Radio The best variety in News, Sports, Esoteric talk online and over the airwaves on Earth.
Host Joe Montald
Frequency 13 episodes / week Avg Length 86 min Get Email Contact

8. Somewhere in the Skies

Somewhere in the Skies Somewhere in the Skies is a weekly podcast dedicated to discussing UFOs, the paranormal, and just plain weird. Hosted by author and UFO journalist, Ryan Sprague, the show features current UFO events from around the world, audio docs, and special guests. Join Ryan as he asks new questions, and perhaps even finds some answers to the mysteries that lay somewhere in the skies. New episodes every Monday.
Host Ryan Sprague
Facebook Followers 2.5KTwitter Followers 22.1KInstagram Followers 2.4K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 37 min Since Apr 2017 Get Email Contact

9. UFO Chronicles Podcast

UFO Chronicles Podcast First-hand witness encounters of the Strange and unexplained. The phenomena that are shared range from sightings of UFOs, traumatic alien abductions, the paranormal with scary heart stopping stories of ghosts, demons and the Occult. Accounts of crossing paths with Bigfoot's, Sasquatches and all manner of dark entities that lurk in the woods of remote areas. Psychic abilities of Precognition, premonitions, remote viewing and people who've crossed to the other side with near-death experiences. The encounters in this podcast will stay with you long after you have finished listening to it.
Host Nik Hunter
Facebook Followers 1.3KTwitter Followers 51.9KInstagram Followers 1.9K Frequency 3 episodes / week Avg Length 63 min Since Feb 2019 Get Email Contact

10. UAP STUDIES podcast

UAP STUDIES podcast Are You Paying Attention? UAP Studies is created with the idea of collecting knowledge from the best UFO/UAP Investigators & Researchers, Scientists, Journalists in the world to talk and teach you and me the proper way of handling UAP cases with scientific logic and an analytical approach. From sightings, Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, 5E Contact, and learning everything in between. The class is in session
Hosts Jason Guillemette, Dr. Michael Glawson
Twitter Followers 3.1KInstagram Followers 2.2K Frequency 3 episodes / month Avg Length 74 min Get Email Contact

11. UFO Encounters World-Wide

UFO Encounters World-Wide This podcast is for everyone interested in the UFO/UAP Phenomena as well as people that have had encounters with E.T., this is a place For The People and where the truth is always being chased. I'm a MUFON Field Investigator in the state of Pennsylvania, I joined MUFON to help find answers to the UFO subject so I can help the people affected by it. I have had experiences myself which I will gladly share, plus I will be talking about the Latest UFO News that is occurring around the world. Please tune in and enjoy the show!
Host Jesse Peak
Twitter Followers 3.6K Frequency 4 episodes / quarter Avg Length 53 min Get Email Contact

12. That UFO Podcast

That UFO Podcast News, views and guests from around the world, discussing all things UFO, UAP, Alien and other worldly!
Host Andy Mcgrillen
Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 94 min Since May 2020 Get Email Contact

13. Alien Conspiracy Podcast

Alien Conspiracy Podcast Come along as we examine UFO sightings, conspiracies, and all things strange. Hosted by Alien Conspiracy Podcast .
Twitter Followers 933 Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 67 min Get Email Contact

14. The Paranormal UFO Consciousness Podcast

The Paranormal UFO Consciousness Podcast This podcast looks at all things dealing with UFOs, UAPS, the paranormal, consciousness, spirituality, the nature of reality, and psychedelics. It looks for the answer to the question What is really going on, and where do we go from here?
Hosts Grant Cameron, Bob Davis, Dave Beaty
Facebook Followers 771Instagram Followers 2.6K Frequency 1 episode / day Avg Length 84 min Since Mar 2021 Get Email Contact

15. Weeknight Mysteries

Weeknight Mysteries Welcome to Weeknight Mysteries where we discuss mysteries and share our perspectives and opinions. Our topics range from grisly serial killers and spree killings to the mysterious UFO and ghost encounters.
Facebook Followers 21Twitter Followers 961 Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 44 min Since May 2020 Get Email Contact

16. The UFOcast

The UFOcast Reviewing Gerry Anderson's UFO over the course of a year. One episode every fortnight.
Host Gerry Anderson
Facebook Followers 70Twitter Followers 107 Frequency 1 episode / month Avg Length 57 min Get Email Contact

17. Coffee & UFOs

Coffee & UFOs Welcome! Coffee & UFOs focuses on conversations regarding UFOs and UAP related news and topics. Join us for earnest and fun chats with sincere researchers, investigators, and enthusiasts of ufology. So grab a brew and join the search for evidence to support the notion that extraterrestrial life is currently visiting Earth, and that alien life exists somewhere else among the stars.
Host Alan B. Smith
Facebook Followers 796Twitter Followers 912Instagram Followers 2.2K Frequency 6 episodes / quarter Avg Length 65 min Since Oct 2019 Get Email Contact

18. UFO Garage

UFO Garage UFO Garage is a podcast about aliens, UFOs and all things weird with your hosts Joe & Ben.
Hosts Joe, Ben
Facebook Followers 559Instagram Followers 1.7K Frequency 1 episode / year Avg Length 144 min Since Jun 2019 Get Email Contact

19. UFO Thinker Podcast

UFO Thinker Podcast Talking about all things UFO/UAP related. Hosted by ufothinker. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena investigation, Future tech, ask an (ex) fighter pilot.
Host Ufothinker
Frequency 1 episode / month Avg Length 66 min Get Email Contact

20. Alien Talk Podcast

Alien Talk Podcast More images Discussion of all things about aliens and UFOs, from Biblical times to the present. Hosted by Joseph Landry & L. Sheldon Oldford
Hosts Joseph Landry, L. Sheldon Oldford
Twitter Followers 5Instagram Followers 90Facebook Frequency 4 episodes / month Avg Length 47 min Popular Post The Vatican Archives Get Contact Subscribe

21. The Close Encounters Podcast

The Close Encounters Podcast Northern Ireland UFO Society's official podcast, talking the weird and mysterious, UFOlogical and the paranormal from Northern Ireland and abroad.
Facebook Followers 3.3KTwitter Followers 101 Frequency 1 episode / quarter Avg Length 67 min Get Email Contact

22. Shifting the Paradigm

Shifting the Paradigm Shifting the Paradigm podcast features a weekly interview and chat show that focuses on a wide variety of mysterious topics related to UFO / UAP sightings, and the possibility of alien visitation in the present and the past. Cristina Gomez interviews Researchers, Witnesses, Enthusiasts, and Field Investigators on their own pursuits of the Truth behind the Mysteries.
Host Cristina Gomez
Frequency 1 episode / day Avg Length 50 min Get Email Contact

23. The Saucer Life

The Saucer Life The Saucer Life is a podcast exploring the history and lore of flying saucer and UFO culture, running the gamut from Contactees to the Men In Black and from Underground Bases to Abductions.
Host Aaron Gylus
Facebook Followers 608Twitter Followers 1.9KInstagram Followers 1.1K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 57 min Since Aug 2017 Get Email Contact

24. UAP Unidentified Alien Podcast

UAP Unidentified Alien Podcast The U.S. government now admits UFOs are real and alien enthusiast Stephen Diener sheds light on the shocking stories that still remain in the shadows.
Host Stephen Diener
Facebook Followers 3.9KTwitter Followers 6.7KInstagram Followers 507 Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 52 min Get Email Contact

25. The Alien UFO Podcast

The Alien UFO Podcast My mission is to investigate all things that are part of the wider the UFO phenomena. Each week I am looking into a different aspect of this fascinating field and go in depth into the evidence that is all around us. I am looking at UFO sightings, alien abduction, historical cases and other related phenomena. I interview researchers in the field and people who have had very real experiences.
Host Simon Bown
Twitter Followers 1.6K Frequency 3 episodes / week Avg Length 32 min Get Email Contact

26. Dear People of Earth Science and Physics- The UFO Podcast - Disclosure - Aliens - UAP

Dear People of Earth Science and Physics- The UFO Podcast - Disclosure - Aliens - UAP Welcome to 'Dear People of Earth,' the podcast that takes you on an exhilarating journey into the heart of the UFO and UAP enigma through the lens of science and discovery. Dive deep into the realm of UFO science and physics with our passionate and knowledgeable hosts. We'll dissect the latest factual happenings, revelations, and credible sightings that boggle the minds of scientists and skeptics alike.In each episode, we'll bridge the gap between UFO encounters and the laws of physics, offering an authentic and compelling look at how these phenomena challenge our understanding of the universe. Our engaging discussions bring together experts, researchers, and enthusiasts who are at the forefront of unraveling this enigma.Key Highlights:Cutting-Edge Science: Explore the latest scientific breakthroughs and theories that shed light on the UFO/UAP phenomenon.Expert Interviews: Hear from top researchers, physicists, and astronomers who share their insights and discoveries.Skeptical Inquiry: We don't just explore the extraordinary; we critically examine the evidence and address skepticism with facts and reason.Unveiling the Truth: Join us in our quest to separate fact from fiction, seeking answers to the most perplexing questions in the universe.'Dear People of Earth' is more than just a UFO podcast; it's a journey of scientific exploration, wonder, and enlightenment. If you're curious about the intersection of science, UFOs, and the unexplained, then hit that subscribe button and embark on a captivating voyage into the unknown with us. Get ready to expand your mind and join the conversation as we explore the scientific frontiers of the UFO and UAP phenomenon.
Host Steve Sprague
Twitter Followers 11.5K Frequency 4 episodes / quarter Avg Length 81 min Get Email Contact

27. UFO - Extraterrestrial Reality

UFO - Extraterrestrial Reality Reporter Jim Quirk discusses UFOs and other mysterious topics and some current affairs.
Host James Quirk
Frequency 20 episodes / quarter Avg Length 50 min Get Email Contact

28. UFO...No!

UFO...No! Welcome to UFO...No! the podcast that covers the weird, the whacky, and the obscure. We connect the dots that most people are too normal to connect! Are UFOs aliens or are they top-secret technology? Is anal probing a real threat? We're a blend of 'believers' or 'skeptics,' speculators of the unknown.
Host Ben Austin
Facebook Followers 264Twitter Followers 72Instagram Followers 103 Frequency 3 episodes / month Avg Length 149 min Get Email Contact

29. TruthSeekah » UFOs and Aliens

TruthSeekah » UFOs and Aliens TruthSeekah is a visionary hip hop artist, author, and speaker and is also the host of The TruthSeekah Podcast. In this category, they discuss UFOs, Aliens, E.T.'s, Spirituality and Healing. When it comes to the subject of UFOs, and Aliens.
Host TruthSeekah
Facebook Followers 96.8KTwitter Followers 287Instagram Followers 11.4K Frequency 3 episodes / quarter Get Email Contact

30. The Alien Probe Podcast

The Alien Probe Podcast The Alien Probe is a podcast about aliens, UFOs and the Supernatural. A weekly podcast dedicated to discussing UFOs, the paranormal, and just plain weird. Hosted by Doug Anthony and featuring co hosts and fans of just about anything unusual.
Host Doug Anthony
Facebook Followers 316Twitter Followers 982Instagram Followers 13 Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 60 min Get Email Contact

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UFO Podcasters

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Podcaster Name Email Role Podcast Link Total Episodes Twitter Handle Twitter Followers
Alejandro RojasHostblogtalkradio.com/ufo_radio1@alejandrotrojas16.3K
Tony SweetHostspreaker.com/podcast/truth-be-told-paranormal--358986035
Captain RonHostspreaker.com/podcast/truth-be-told-paranormal--358986035
Martin WillisHost, Producerblubrry.com/podcast_ufo163
James IandoliHostpodcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/engagingthephenomenon10
Aaron WrightHostmysteriousuniverse.org/category/podcasts28
Benjamin GrundyHostmysteriousuniverse.org/category/podcasts28@benjamingrundy12.4K
Joe MontaldHostufoparanormalradio.podbean.com574
Ryan SpragueHostshows.acast.com/somewhere-in-the-skies31
Nik HunterHostspreaker.com/podcast/ufo-chronicles-podcast--339506896
Jason GuillemetteHostpodcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/uapstudies1
Dr. Michael GlawsonHostpodcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/uapstudies1@michaelglawson706
Jesse PeakHostpodcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/ufoencountersworldwide7@aatpeak3.6K
Andy McgrillenHostaudioboom.com/channels/502401422
Grant CameronHostpodcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/grant-cameron522@grantcameron37.4K
Bob DavisHostpodcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/grant-cameron522
Dave BeatyHostpodcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/grant-cameron522
Gerry AndersonHostpodcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-ufocast/id128886348142
Alan B. SmithHostspreaker.com/podcast/coffee-ufos--409937760@paranormal_now912
Cristina GomezHostparadigmshifts.blog/category/shifting-the-paradigm75
Aaron GylusHostsaucerlife.com9
Stephen DienerHost850wftl.com/podcasts/uap-unidentified-alien-podcast56@sdiener86441
Simon BownHostspreaker.com/podcast/alien-ufo-podcast--527080142
Steve SpragueHostpodcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dearpeopleofearth26
James QuirkHost, Reporterpodcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/james-quirk88
Ben AustinHostfeeds.buzzsprout.com/18113901
Doug AnthonyHostomny.fm/shows/alien-probe25
Joe Montaldo & United Public Radioufoparanormalradio.podbean.com574
ufo warningpodcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/ufo-warning174
Truth Be Toldspreaker.com/podcast/truth-be-told-paranormal--358986090
UFOs and Aliensspreaker.com/podcast/ufos-and-aliens--470666467
Mystic Circlespreaker.com/podcast/aliens-and-ufos-podcast--532452763
Kelly Chasespreaker.com/podcast/the-ufo-rabbit-hole-podcast--574603560
UFO Podcastspreaker.com/podcast/ufo-podcast--505099356
850WFTL | Hubbard Radio850wftl.com/podcasts/uap-unidentified-alien-podcast56
Albert Barrospodcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/albert-barros156
The 'X' Zone Broadcast Networkspreaker.com/podcast/the-x-zone-ufo-files--460267152
ALIENS ARE REAL!spreaker.com/podcast/aliens-are-real-ufo-and-alien-contact--559504752
Rick Blackbuzzsprout.com/216535937
Club Paranormal Channelspreaker.com/podcast/truth-be-told-paranormal--358986035
Richard Beckwithspreaker.com/podcast/the-official-mufon-podcast--354283128
Hosts: Wayne and Michelle Bradenpodcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/mi-ufo-sightings21
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