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Sad Podcasts

Here are 45 Best Sad Podcasts worth listening to in 2024

1. Sad Boyz

Sad Boyz A podcast about feelings... and other things also from Jarvis Johnson & Jordan Adika.
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2. Depression Detox Show | Daily Inspirational Talks

Depression Detox Show | Daily Inspirational Talks Get UNSTUCK. Be inspired by the best motivational, inspirational, and brain health experts to live a happier and more purposeful life! Join host Malikee Josephs Monday through Friday for your dose of motivation. If you're struggling with feelings of unhappiness, loneliness, emptiness, anxiety, sadness, grief & loss, or not having a sense of purpose, this show is for YOU! ——————If you are in need of medical care, please consult with a therapist or physician.If you are in a crisis or thinking of harming yourself, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255. Calls are private and confidential.
Instagram Followers 6.4K Frequency 3 episodes / week Avg Length 13 min Get Email Contact

3. What's Your Grief Podcast

What's Your Grief Podcast In this podcast Eleanor Haley, MS and Litsa Williams, MA, LCSW-C, the mental health professionals behind the website and book 'What's Your Grief', leave no stone unturned in demystifying the complicated and messy world of living life after loss. One digestible topic at a time, Haley and Williams distill topics ranging from grief theory to coping. Grievers and grief professionals alike will find their approach practical, relatable, informative and engaging. Grief is sad and confusing, but your grief support doesn't have to be.
Facebook Followers 77.3KTwitter Followers 9.4KInstagram Followers 67.2K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 44 min Get Email Contact

4. Mindfulness for gamers

Mindfulness for gamers Unlock your gaming zen and discover the secret to improved mental health! Dive into mindfulness with guru Shaun Donaghy as he makes understanding meditation easy and fun. Learn to release anxiety and sadness and level up your joy. More than a podcast it's your ticket to a happier gaming life!
Facebook Followers 14Twitter Followers 2.6KInstagram Followers 730 Frequency 1 episode / month Avg Length 23 min Get Email Contact

5. Seeking Voices of Health, Healing & Hope

Seeking Voices of Health, Healing & Hope Welcome to 'Seeking Voices: Exploring the Science of Health and Healing'. I am your host, Dr. Monica Aggarwal. I am a preventive cardiologist who focuses on nutrition and lifestyle to heal illness. I also have a chronic illness. Over the years, as a nutrition specialist, as a cardiologist and as a patient, I have met so many people who feel sad, stuck, hopeless and confused. There are so many people looking to understand their lives, their purpose, the meaning of things and they are struggling. We are struggling as a society, as humans, as women, as moms, as patients, as husbands, as children. I wanted to start this podcast to bring voices to people of hope, health and healing but also to share how people have overcome their sadness, their struggles, their pain. I think we have so much to learn from each other—not always from people in the limelight; but sometimes from the people around us living the day to day, drudging through, overcoming and being. I hope that this podcast makes people consider others more deeply, considers themselves more importantly and reminds us all to have hope, and look for the joy and happiness in the day to day. This is my hope.
Facebook Followers 13KTwitter Followers 5.6KInstagram Followers 7.8K Frequency 1 episode / quarter Avg Length 55 min Get Email Contact

6. Sad Boy

Sad Boy 'Sad Boy' is a podcast dedicated to exploring the intricacies of human emotions, with a particular focus on the experience of sadness. This podcast serves as a platform for candid discussions, storytelling, and creative expression, all centered around the theme of navigating the complexities of sadness.
Facebook Followers 103Twitter Followers 586 Frequency 1 episode / quarter Avg Length 22 min Get Email Contact

7. Sorry, I'm Sad

Sorry, I'm Sad When her husband was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and given 6-12 months to live, Kelsie Snow avoided other people's sad stories as a rule, but as time wore on she found herself seeking them out. Snow, a former sports reporter for The Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times and St. Paul Pioneer Press, began writing about her life on her website and learned there is comfort in knowing how others have loved, lost and kept going. Sorry, I'm Sad chronicles the Snows' story in real-time. From the desperate early days, to the hopefulness of a promising clinical trial, to heartbreaking setbacks and constant grappling with mortality, Kelsie, her husband Chris, an assistant general manager of the NHL's Calgary Flames, and others they have met along the way share stories about grief, loss and the importance of hope.
Twitter Followers 1.3KInstagram Followers 790 Frequency 1 episode / month Avg Length 70 min Get Email Contact

8. Sad Girls Who Read

Sad Girls Who Read Are you a sad girl who loves to read? Do you eat prozac for breakfast? Are you looking for a serotonin boost?Look no further! Actress Erin Kommor and therapist Alegra Kastens cover one book each episode, and in true sad girl fashion, become unhinged as they talk books, dating, daddy issues, and their general mental unwellness.Stay tuned for iconic sad girl special guests who join as well!
Frequency 2 episodes / month Avg Length 36 min Get Email Contact

9. Grow Yourself Up

Grow Yourself Up Grow Yourself Up is a podcast to support all of us in our adult lives. Many of us did not get our needs adequately met in childhood. The devastating legacy of childhood trauma, wounding and traumatic stress lives on in our brains, our bodies, our nervous systems and our behaviour/reactions. Which in turn impacts the way we turn up to our lives in many ways.We are going to unpack all of this on Grow Yourself Up. This podcast will be a companion as you travel on your own road of healing and recovery. You will learn you are not alone. Someone has been where you are. There is hope. We will break down shame together and learn to cultivate self compassion. There is always the possibility for change. And regardless of what has happened in our past, as adults we have to take responsibility for our own lives. We have to tend to our pain, our sadness and our dysfunction so that we can live a life we love and shift toxic patterns for our children. 
Facebook Followers 196Instagram Followers 10.5K Frequency 3 episodes / month Avg Length 47 min Get Email Contact

10. The Sad Moms Club

The Sad Moms Club A podcast to connect Utah women--especially those who are infertile, pregnant, or postpartum--to the local maternal mental health resources available. I interview providers around Utah to help bring therapy tips and coping skills conveniently to your ear-holes. 
Instagram Followers 3.3K Frequency 3 episodes / month Avg Length 51 min Get Email Contact

11. The Happiest Sad Person Podcast

The Happiest Sad Person Podcast Eternal optimist who also perpetually worries the world is ending -- you know, normal people stuff.
Instagram Followers 4.2K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 33 min Get Email Contact

12. Heartbreak to Happiness

Heartbreak to Happiness The pain of heartbreak is real and can take your breath away. If you're hurting or struggling with a break up and you're feeling shocked, betrayed, devastated, and alone then this podcast is for you. You may feel sad, anxious, angry and worried about your uncertain future. If you're on an emotional rollercoaster you may feel stuck and unable to let go, and yet desperate to move on at the same time. Now is the best time to minimize your own suffering in this process by listening in on the most empowering and helpful relationship advice available. Bestselling author and award winning host Sara Davison shares how you too can get on with your life to heal, grow and move from heartbreak to happiness once again.
Facebook Followers 4.9KTwitter Followers 2.6KInstagram Followers 11.9K Frequency 2 episodes / month Avg Length 43 min Get Email Contact

13. Heal The Hurt

Heal The Hurt Hi, I'm Kenny Weiss Welcome to Heal the Hurt. My podcast is all about speaking truth and taking responsibility for healing our emotional pain so we can elevate our lives and live in the greatest version of ourselves by developing emotional authenticity.I will be providing you the skills and tools to heal childhood trauma, childhood emotional neglect, codependency, narcissistic abuse, stress, shame, fear, anger, sadness, self-deception, depression, divorce, relationship problems, parenting, parental alienation, estrangement, addiction, mental health, mindset, self-love and more.
Frequency 2 episodes / week Avg Length 26 min Get Email Contact

14. Curative Mushrooms Podcast

Curative Mushrooms Podcast Learn about all the amazing health benefits of medicinal mushrooms as well as how to grow mushrooms, cook mushrooms and hunt for mushrooms. Curative Mushrooms is all about helping sad people improve their mental health by growing happy mushrooms at home using a simple All-In-One grow kit without needing any expensive equipment or complicated instructions.
Twitter Followers 2.8K Frequency 1 episode / month Avg Length 53 min Get Email Contact

15. The Jōrni Podcast

The Jōrni Podcast Breaking free from sadness, anxiety, and stress, reclaiming your sanity, and finding the self-esteem and energy to go after the life you desire. Real talk about mental health, holistic healing, and the tough journey of coming out the other end.
Facebook Followers 235 Frequency 2 episodes / week Avg Length 35 min Get Email Contact

16. The Story Apothecary

The Story Apothecary The Story Apothecary is a podcast filled with medicinal and healing stories. Nana Tomova, a Storyteller and a Mental Health Pharmacist dispenses stories for sadness and anxiety, and shares tales for loss, happiness and love. Here you will find her prescriptions of stories for the body, mind, heart and soul, and for the Earth. Come into the Story Apothecary as we enter the healing world of stories together.
Facebook Followers 665 Frequency 1 episode / quarter Avg Length 33 min Get Email Contact

17. Sad Times

Sad Times Bob Dylan once said, 'Life is Sad, Life is a bust/All you can do is do what you must'. We believe that sentiment is true at one time or another for all of us, but as a society we don't always share the feelings, thoughts and actions that accompany these moments. Sad Times has a guest each episode and we talk with him or her about how sadness manifests within him or her; what type of behavior that may surface as a result from being sad. It is my firm belief that if we could just talk a bit more about these things, we might be able to better understand each other, and perhaps feel more content in day to day life.
Facebook Followers 450 Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 65 min Get Email Contact

18. Cheer Up, Buddy!

Cheer Up, Buddy! Each episode, Riddy and Tom watch a movie about a sad man then have free-flowing discussions in the hopes they can improve their own lives by learning from these fictional sad sacks. Do the discussions sometimes get personal? Yes. Do the hosts also go on off-topic rants? Also yes. Whatever you think this podcast is, it probably isn't.
Frequency 2 episodes / month Avg Length 92 min Get Email Contact

19. Overcoming Grief

Overcoming Grief Overcoming Grief serves to break down the stigma surrounding grief and mental health and helps women cope with loss and regain control of their emotional worlds. Join Master Grief and Life Coach Sandy Linda as she shares tips, secrets, advice, and practical knowledge about the grieving process to help you stop feeling anger and sadness, and process your grief in a healthy and nurturing way.For more information on how Sandy can help you develop a healthy relationship with yourself and your emotions after grief, visit https://sandylinda.com. This is the show for you if you find yourself asking questions like: How do I cope with grief?What to do to cope with loss and death.How to overcome spiritual fatigue?How to stop emotional eating through grief spurts.How to have the mental capacity to heal through grief.How to become financially fit with estate planning.How do I show up after losing multiple family members with a lack of support from my closest friends? How to stop feeling resentment after losing someone.
Facebook Followers 18 Frequency 4 episodes / month Avg Length 18 min Get Email Contact

20. The Mourning Crew

The Mourning Crew Three gals in their mid-twenties normalize talking about grief. Having each experienced a big loss, we know life isn't always a tragic place with the sad movie music playing in the background. We can cry, but we can laugh too! Whether it's work, friendships, dating, or other everyday encounters, grief somehow finds a way to sneak in, but we hope this podcast lets you feel less alone and less uncertain speaking about it. So grab a cup of coffee (or a drink), go on a walk, throw it on in the car we think grief conversations can actually be that casual so let's talk about it and go through it all together. Edited by Alyssa Royce.
Instagram Followers 210 Frequency 1 episode / month Avg Length 59 min Get Email Contact

21. Besties with Breasties Podcast

Besties with Breasties Podcast This podcast is for breast cancer patients who feel isolated or sad and want a friend but don't feel up to talking with anyone. With Sarah and Beth, you'll get friendship and validation with zero expectations or judgment.
Facebook Followers 1.5KInstagram Followers 515 Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 32 min Get Email Contact

22. The Grieving Mamas Club

The Grieving Mamas Club A space for any mom who is on the wild ride of motherhood while navigating a grief journey. This ain't your average grief podcast. As motherless moms, Cara and Rashida tackle tough conversations about grief and how it shows up in motherhood with grace and understanding, but also humor. Yes. Humor. Because grief isn't always sad. There is joy and celebration on grief journeys too. Join The Grieving Mamas Club every other Wednesday as we feel our feels and encourage you to feel yours too.
Twitter Followers 16Instagram Followers 927 Frequency 10 episodes / year Avg Length 53 min Get Email Contact

23. Hello I'm Grieving

Hello I'm Grieving Are you grieving? We will all experience grief in our lives. Dr. Julie Shaw, a Certified Grief Educator & Founder of the Hello I'm Grieving community interviews a diverse group of people who share unique grief stories and motivates us to Say Hello To Grief. Many ask, 'how will I get through this?' Answer is, 'to GET through the pain, you have to GO through the pain.' We encourage you to listen and be a part the community. Interviews will be filled with every emotion we experience while grieving sadness, joy, confusion, anger & yes even happiness. Listen and say hello to grief!
Frequency 4 episodes / quarter Avg Length 46 min Get Email Contact

24. Know Yourself to Grow Yourself

Know Yourself to Grow Yourself In order to grow into the person you want to be you must grow yourself through self-awareness, mindfulness and being willing to do the work every. Single. Day. We are the only ones responsible for changing the trajectory of our lives. We must do this through discipline, commitment, and the desire to believe in the dreams we set for ourselves. I will share my journey of tragic loss, trauma, sadness, and how I got to a place of happiness, success, peace, and love. The good, the bad, and the ugly are a part of who I am and how I became the mom, wife, friend, and leader I am today.
Instagram Followers 80 Frequency 4 episodes / quarter Avg Length 32 min Get Email Contact

25. Grief and Frozen Lasagnas

Grief and Frozen Lasagnas So sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine. That is terrible. The sad head tilt. The meal trains. The things you see and hear after you lose someone or something. This podcast is dedicated to talking about grief out in the open. Out loud. Really LOUD. We will share personal stories ranging from the sad, the angry, the are you freaking kidding me to pee your pants funny. We are not licensed professionals nor grief experts. We are just real people who have experienced grief and want to share what helped and what didn't. So join us but please leave the frozen lasagna behind.
Twitter Followers 6 Frequency 1 episode / month Avg Length 32 min Get Email Contact

26. Grieving in Color

Grieving in Color Are you in the midst of a grief journey?Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, the loss of opportunities, or in the midst of life's transitions, your feelings are valid, your loss is significant, and you are not alone.On the Grieving in Color Podcast, we invite you to experience all of the sides of grief as we delve into real stories of resilience, featuring guests who have found strength in sorrow, love in loss, and walked through the dualities of finding joy in the midst of their pain. I'm your host, Dr. Chinasa Elue, a professor, speaker, and grief coach and I believe each person grieves in their own unique way. This podcast will explore the many shades of grief, and how we navigate loss while finding courage to celebrate life's vibrancy. We embrace grief not as a one dimensional experience of sadness that is black and white, but as a spectrum of emotions, a palette of feelings that colors our lives even in the face of loss. Join us, as we break the silence around grief and paint our mourning in more than just black and white, as we give ourselves permission to grieve, in color.
Frequency 7 episodes / year Avg Length 36 min Get Email Contact

27. Values Over Vanity

Values Over Vanity Are you ready for a new explosion of energy in your life? What do you want Values or Vanity? On this podcast you get Life, Values, Spirit Lessons. No more depression, sadness or negative energy. More inspiration, motivation and dreams coming through. More TRUTH!! VALUE OVER VANITY WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!
Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 29 min Get Email Contact

28. moodysolace

moodysolace Solace means comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness. Creating moody spaces in your home that provide solace can greatly improve your quality of life as the condition of your physical space is directly correlated to your current headspace. In the moodysolace podcast, we'll openly talk about all things mental health so we can improve our mindset while simultaneously creating the physical space of our dreams. Moody spaces take you places; where will your space take you?IG: moodysolace
Instagram Followers 189 Frequency 2 episodes / quarter Avg Length 33 min Get Email Contact

29. Loose Ends with Robert Hernandez

Loose Ends with Robert Hernandez Are you looking for a laugh to get away from all of the sad and terrible things happening in the world? Are ya feeling a little tight? Well join us each and every week on Loose Ends with Robert Hernandez! We are doing what we can to make sure you stay as loose as possible! 
Instagram Followers 132 Frequency 8 episodes / year Avg Length 33 min Get Email Contact

30. Sad Girl Slum

Sad Girl Slum Yay! You finally found The Ultimate Guide for your Sad Girl Slum. This podcast is intended to inspire and validate your experiences in life -- good or bad -- in order to help you become the best version of yourself. Life is hard, but talking about it makes things so much better. So let's talk and get out of our Sad Girl Slum!
Frequency 2 episodes / year Avg Length 23 min Get Email Contact

31. Sad Boy Radio

Sad Boy Radio Sad Boy Radio is the #1 music podcast in Chicago! We interview your favorite artists around the world, and discuss everyday life problems through the universal language of music! Tune in every Friday for a new episode! Youtube: Sad Boy Radio IG: Sad.boy.radio
Facebook Followers 45 Frequency 23 episodes / year Avg Length 51 min Get Email Contact

32. Memoirs Of A Sad Man

Memoirs Of A Sad Man My diary. My story. My heartache. Follow my journey if you'd like. I'm going to share the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Twitter Followers 4 Frequency 4 episodes / year Avg Length 22 min Get Email Contact

33. Healthy Happy ADHD Girls with Lisa Dee

Healthy Happy ADHD Girls with Lisa Dee Living with ADHD can make it hard to keep a healthy lifestyle, yet an unhealthy lifestyle can make ADHD more intense! A lifetime of dealing with this cycle can result in many finding themselves stuck in a swamp of sadness. I've been there too. I'm an ADHD Girl, but I also have a decade of experience with clients under my belt, guiding thousands towards better health and happiness as a coach! I'll share personal stories, insights and teachings on this podcast, to help you become a Healthy Happy you.This podcast is no substitute for medical care, professional advice or clinical treatment.
Facebook Followers 31.6KInstagram Followers 136.8K Frequency 3 episodes / year Avg Length 15 min Get Email Contact

34. 'Dear God, I'm Sad'

'Dear God, I'm Sad' Reflections from a chemically imbalanced Christian. 
Frequency 7 episodes / year Avg Length 58 min Get Email Contact

35. Help, I'm Sad

Help, I'm Sad A self-improvement podcast hosted by two childhood best friends. Neysa, joins her longtime bestie, Omar, each month to unpack their emotional and mental baggage. Welcome!  Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
Facebook Followers 81 Frequency 5 episodes / year Avg Length 56 min Get Email Contact

36. Sad Lady Problems

Sad Lady Problems Larissa and Jessica discuss issues of love, loss, grief and how to move forward. They light heartedly share their personal 'Sad Lady Problems' and the ways they've moved on.
Frequency 3 episodes / year Avg Length 51 min Get Email Contact

37. Unfiltered: Afghan, not Dewana

Unfiltered: Afghan, not Dewana 'Unfiltered: Afghan, not Dewana,' is a podcast that focuses on raising mental health awareness in Afghan communities and societies. Often, when we tell other Afghans or even our parents that we are 'depressed' or 'sad', the word 'dewana' gets thrown back at us. Dewana translates to 'crazy' in Dari and each episode will help you better understand that feeling sad and depressed does not mean we are crazy. My mission is twofold: breaking cultural barriers around mental health discussions, fostering better communication amongst Afghans, and amplifying Afghan voices worldwide. Each episode brings unique guests, encouraging open conversations and sharing stories to foster empathy and unity, as well as some solo episodes. Let's embrace vulnerability, shatter boundaries, and make a difference as the proud, resilient Afghans we are.
Frequency 3 episodes / year Avg Length 41 min Get Email Contact

38. None of Us Are Normal: Conversations with Danielle Todd about Mental Health, Music, and Making the L

None of Us Are Normal: Conversations with Danielle Todd about Mental Health, Music, and Making the L What does 'normal' mean, anyway? Who decides what is or isn't 'normal' for each of us? Why do we all so desperately just want to be… normal?! If you don't know me yet, I'm a Canadian country artist living in Nashville, TN. I'm a wife, a frequenter of my sunroom, a dog mom of two, and as of recently, a podcast host.In my experience as all of these things, I've decided that none of us are normal and that normal is something made up that puts limitations around our feelings and experiences. But here's something that's not made up We all struggle. We all experience sadness sometimes, whether momentary or all-encompassing. We all deserve joy in our lives. No, none of us are 'air quotes normal', but we're all very very real. Join me in real conversations with real people who I know and love to discuss mental health, music, and what it means to make the most out of life. These conversations will be equal parts tough and fun because, as anything in life, there are two sides to every coin. I'm happy you're here, and I hope you enjoy the show. 
Facebook Followers 5.4KInstagram Followers 61 Frequency 6 episodes / year Avg Length 41 min Get Email Contact

39. Sorry To Hear That

Sorry To Hear That SEASON TWO IS ON ITS WAY! The second and final season of Sorry To Hear That will give you more insight about grief and how we have all learned how to deal with it. Join CJ for her podcast exploring life after a loved one dies. The grief that follows isn't so easy, but guests on the show are making it through. Guests tell stories about themselves, the loved one they lost, and how they have managed the business of death. These are their stories told to you about sadness, grief, and the small victories that help them move forward. Sorry To Hear That.
Twitter Followers 12Instagram Followers 364 Frequency 7 episodes / year Avg Length 28 min Get Email Contact

40. Sad Girl Hours

Sad Girl Hours very sad girl, talking about very sad things! things can be happy, but most times it's sad!
Frequency 1 episode / year Avg Length 29 min Get Email Contact

41. Permission to Feel Sad

Permission to Feel Sad Thoughts and conversations on grief, sadness, and sorrow.  We can embody these strong emotions and use them to fuel change. It's time to embrace the bittersweet, and love deeply knowing the risk.
Instagram Followers 491 Get Email Contact

42. Maintaining a Positive Mentality

Maintaining a Positive Mentality Hi my name is Jasmine Thomas. This podcast represents Positivity over Negativity. Choosing happiness over sadness. Being brave instead of afraid. All these categories fit in the equation of maintaining a positive mentality when faced with different situations good or bad. I'm a writer and my passion is helping people in seeing the bright side of things when it seems there isn't any. My hope is to inspire you to be great and successful in anything that you may be striving for. Believing, Motivation is Key!
Frequency 3 episodes / year Avg Length 3 min Get Email Contact

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Jarvis Johnson & Jordan Adikapodcasters.spotify.com58
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Eleanor Haley and Litsa Williamswhatsyourgrief.libsyn.com1
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