30 Best Migraine Podcasts

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Migraine Podcasts

Here are 30 Best Migraine Podcasts worth listening to in 2024

1. Talking Head Pain Podcast

Talking Head Pain Podcast Brought to you by the Global Healthy Living Foundation and hosted by migraine advocate Joe Coe, this show explores how people living with migraine, cluster headache and other types of intense pain find ways to better manage their disease. Our mission at the Global Healthy Living Foundation is to inspire, support, and empower people living with chronic illnesses to put themselves at the center of their care.
Podcast ghlf.org
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2. HeadWise

HeadWise A podcast about the latest news on migraine disease and headache disorders. Dive into this amazing podcast to have a wonderful experience.
Podcast podcasts.apple.com
Apple Rating 4.8 / 5Facebook Followers 27.9KTwitter Followers 5.4KInstagram Followers 15.4K Frequency 5 episodes / month Avg Length 24 min Listen on YouTube Get Email Contact

3. Spotlight on Migraine

Spotlight on Migraine Through personal stories and interviews with experts, we expose the true scope of migraine by exploring symptoms, treatments, research topics and more.Formerly known as Shades of Migraine.
Podcast migrainedisorders.org
Apple Rating 4.6 / 5Facebook Followers 12.6KTwitter Followers 6.8KInstagram Followers 15.8K Frequency 1 episode / month Avg Length 25 min Since Nov 2017 Listen on Apple YouTube Get Email Contact

4. Heads Up

Heads Up Headache Specialists from the UK charity National Migraine Centre discuss everything migraine and headache-related. This podcast is set up to help give support and advice to those suffering from this largely misunderstood condition. Throughout this podcast, you will hear from guest speakers and experts in the medical field, as well as from migraineurs themselves sharing their experiences.
Podcast headsup.libsyn.com
Apple Rating 4.5 / 5Facebook Followers 6.7KTwitter Followers 7.8K Frequency 1 episode / quarter Avg Length 53 min Since Jul 2019 Listen on Apple Get Email Contact

5. The Head Start

The Head Start We've all had a moment where we arrived at the grocery store and can't remember passing any of the stoplights along the way. We're halfway down an aisle and scrambling to remember what we even needed. Our mind is in overdrive trying to sort through our ever-growing to-do list. We've been there when just making it through the next task is hard.  But the normal stresses of life aren't the only thing YOU have to deal with. 
Podcast omny.fm
Host Nora McInerny
Apple Rating 4.3 / 5 Frequency 2 episodes / year Avg Length 27 min Listen on Apple Get Email Contact

6. The Headache Doctor Podcast

The Headache Doctor Podcast Even after trying medication, lifestyle changes, and other 'research-backed treatments' for migraine symptoms, does nothing feel like it's really solving the issue? The Headache Doctor Podcast is on a mission to provide education and empower everyone with headaches and migraines to break FREE from a life of fear and dependence so that they can THRIVE in everything they do. Dr. Taves, founder of the podcast and owner of Novera: Headache Center believes you deserve to feel in control of your health again — with more symptom-free days and less worry over when the next migraine will hit. Physical therapy for the neck at his clinic has decreased headache and migraine symptoms for hundreds of people. Each week he dives into a topic related to headaches and migraines, or interviews experts to help you be informed as you manage your headaches and migraines. Hit 'subscribe' to be the first to know about new episodes! P.S. Outside of this podcast, Dr. Taves has provided superb education in the form of a detailed masterclass with videos which can be found on his website (www.noveraheadachecenter.com). His clinic also provides health coaching for patients out of state, and of course - in person care if you're in Colorado! *Disclaimer: This advice is not meant to be a substitute for advice from a medical professional regarding diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment. Always seek advice from your physician, physical therapist, or other qualified healthcare provider with questions you may have regarding a healthcare condition. Reliance on the information provided within this podcast is done solely at your own risk.
Podcast buzzsprout.com
Host Jonathan Taves
Facebook Followers 1.6KInstagram Followers 7.1K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 30 min Listen on Apple Spotify YouTube Get Email Contact

7. Migraine Minute News Update

Migraine Minute News Update The Association of Migraine Disorders presents Migraine Minute, a brief, weekly news update on the latest in migraine news, research, treatment, and more.
Podcast migraineminute.libsyn.com
Apple Rating 5 / 5Facebook Followers 11.6KTwitter Followers 6.8KInstagram Followers 15.8K Frequency 2 episodes / month Avg Length 1 min Since Sep 2020 Listen on Apple Get Email Contact

8. Migraine Minute News Update

Migraine Minute News Update The Migraine Minute provides weekly updates in migraine research and news hosted by Molly O'Brien of the Association of Migraine Disorders.
Podcast migraineminute.libsyn.com
Apple Rating 5 / 5Facebook Followers 13.4KTwitter Followers 6.8KInstagram Followers 15.8K Frequency 3 episodes / year Avg Length 2 min Listen on Apple YouTube Get Email Contact

9. The Headache 360 Migraine

The Headache 360 Migraine Migraine Surgeon Dr. Adam Lowenstein hosts this podcast for chronic headache, migraine, and occipital neuralgia sufferers to learn about the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. We will be discussing the diagnosis and treatment of all types of headache pain including migraine disease, occipital neuralgia, cluster headache, tension headache, post-traumatic headache, and more... with the goal of helping patients find pain relief. Tune in to hear perspectives from neurologists, pain specialists, emergency room physicians, and other medical and surgical specialists in the field of migraine and chronic headache care.
Podcast headache360.libsyn.com
Host Adam Lowenstein MD FACS
Twitter Followers 5Instagram Followers 2K Frequency 1 episode / month Avg Length 53 min Listen on Apple Spotify YouTube Get Email Contact

10. The Migraine Heroes Podcast

The Migraine Heroes Podcast Migraine can be isolating, confusing, and debilitating. Step into the world of 'Migraine Heroes', where I'm Diane Ducarme, your companion on this insightful but uneasy journey. Walk with me through holistic health, real-life stories of resilience, and the latest research that often gets lost in the noise.
Podcast migraineheroes.org
Host Diane Ducarme
Facebook Followers 594 Frequency 1 episode / month Avg Length 37 min Listen on Apple Get Email Contact

11. Root Cause Solutions For You

Root Cause Solutions For You Get to the root cause!Hi, I am your host; my name is Fabiola. I am a Board Certifed Holistic Health Practioner certified in Applied Kinesiology (known as muscle testing) CellCore, Nutrition Response Testing, and Quantum Nutrition Testing practitioner. I am passionate about helping people get to the root cause of their unwanted health conditions so they can live the life they want.My story: I struggled with debilitating migraines, frequent headaches, and a lack of energy for years.  I was bounced from doctor to doctor, from specialist to specialist, but no one could tell me what was causing my symptoms and how to get rid of them; I depended on painkillers to function.I knew something was wrong; I knew I did not want to be on painkillers for the rest of my life and had to find answers before things got worse. A friend introduced a holistic practitioner; I had nothing else to lose then, so I decided to try Applied Kinesiology after a friend recommended it. 
Podcast rootcausesolutionsforyou.buzzsprout.com
Host Fabiola Reyes
Facebook Followers 257Instagram Followers 691 Frequency 5 episodes / year Avg Length 43 min Listen on Apple Spotify YouTube Get Email Contact

12. Migrants with Migraines

Migrants with Migraines Attention all immigrants and those from migrant families! Are you seeking a community of relatable individuals who understand the challenges and triumphs of the immigrant experience? Then look no further because we are the Migrants with Migraines! We're here to share an abundance of immigrant resources, heartwarming anecdotes, and practical strategies to overcome the unique issues that affect immigrant individuals and communities. So join us as we shed light on the vibrant migrant experiences in one of the most diverse countries on Earth.
Podcast podcasters.spotify.com
Twitter Followers 28 Frequency 1 episode / month Avg Length 36 min Listen on Apple Spotify YouTube Get Email Contact

13. The Miracle Moment Podcast

The Miracle Moment Podcast The Migraine Miracle Moment, hosted by Dr. Turknett is a weekly show all about how to slay the migraine beast once and for all, without pills.
Podcast mymigrainemiracle.com
Facebook Followers 10.3KTwitter Followers 341 Frequency 1 episode / month Avg Length 19 min Since Sep 2017 Get Email Contact

14. Migraine Freedom

Migraine Freedom Hey there, I'm Debbie Waidl, a migraine freedom specialists and a past migraine sufferer dedicated to empowering women like you to uncover the root causes of their debilitating migraines and take back control of their lives.Having supported thousands of women in their journey to pain-free days, renewed energy, clearer minds, and overall better health, I understand how confusing and disheartening it can be to navigate this on your own. But don't worry, I'm here to help.Together, we'll explore the specifics of your migraine symptoms, uncovering the sources of chronic inflammation—be it electrolyte symmetry, nutrition integration, circadian responsivity, mindset modulation, movement stabilization, or toxicity mitigation. And guess what? The solution won't involve complicated elimination diets, expensive medications, injections, or pain-masking gadgets.As we walk this path toward migraine freedom, I'll share valuable insights to not only support your pain free days but to also improve your overall health. Worried about autoimmunity, cancer, heart disease, or diabetes? I've got your back. I'm committed to providing the information you need in an easy-to-understand and time-sensitive manner—because, let's face it, you're busy and migraines have stolen your spare time.
Podcast sites.libsyn.com
Host Debbie Waidl
Frequency 1 episode / year Avg Length 19 min Listen on Apple YouTube Get Email Contact

15. MyBrain Matters

MyBrain Matters Welcome to 'MyBrain Matters,' hosted by Stephenie, who unravels the complexities of migraines. Each episode dives into neuroscience, lifestyle, and culture, debunking myths and exploring health trends with a critical eye. This podcast draws on expert opinions and research, featuring stories from those affected by migraines, offering insights into prevention and management. Whether you're deeply affected by migraines or simply interested in brain health, join us to be enlightened, educated, and entertained.
Podcast preventamigraine.com
Host Stephenie
Facebook Followers 3.9KTwitter Followers 81Instagram Followers 79 Frequency 1 episode / quarter Avg Length 9 min Listen on Apple YouTube Get Email Contact

16. Mission Migraine

Mission Migraine Hosted by a fellow student navigating the challenges of migraines, this podcast aims to provide practical strategies and insights aimed at assisting school students in effectively coping with migraines. From stress management techniques to creating a supportive school environment, each episode offers valuable tips to empower students and enhance their well-being amid the obstacles of migraine headaches.
Podcast podcasters.spotify.com
Host Haya Saif
Frequency 1 episode / quarter Avg Length 4 min Listen on Apple Spotify Get Email Contact

17. Move Against Migraine

Move Against Migraine Listen as Dr. Larry Newman, Vice Chair of the American Migraine Foundation speaks with experts in migraine, covering topics from starting your migraine journey to working with a headache specialist, and more.
Podcast podcasters.spotify.com
Apple Rating 4.9 / 5Facebook Followers 151.2KTwitter Followers 15.9KInstagram Followers 22.3K Since Sep 2019 Listen on Apple Get Email Contact

18. Migraine New Zealand

Migraine New Zealand Migraine New Zealand is a patient advocacy group to support all New Zealanders living with migraine and their families. Through advocacy, information, and support, and led by people living with migraine, our mission is to actively improve the quality of life and wellbeing of all New Zealanders living with migraine and their families, and reduce the burden of migraine on both those directly affected and the broader community, through the prevention of migraine attacks, medication overuse headache, and other migraine-related conditions.
Podcast migrainenewzealand.org
Apple Rating 5 / 5Facebook Followers 450Twitter Followers 157Instagram Followers 693 Since Aug 2020 Listen on Apple Get Email Contact

19. Headache in Primary Care

Headache in Primary Care Brought to you by the American Headache Society, the First Contact, Headache In Primary Care podcast breaks down topics in headache medicine for primary care providers and other healthcare professionals seeing patients with headache disorders. The goal of the program is to provide educational resources to empower healthcare professionals and improve headache and migraine care for patients.
Podcast podcasters.spotify.com
Facebook Followers 7.5KTwitter Followers 12.3KInstagram Followers 4.9K Frequency 5 episodes / year Avg Length 16 min Since Aug 2020 Listen on Apple Get Email Contact

20. Migraine Magic

Migraine Magic Just like the ripple of water spreading out over the surface of a pond, the Migraine Magic podcast spreads a little bit of magic out into the migraine community. We introduce people living with migraine, discuss news, events, and treatment, and try to bring a little joy into your Migraine day. We know that life with Migraine Disease is tough, so we want to build a supportive community and help break down barriers that people living with migraine face. We also aim to grow awareness about Migraine DIsease in the wider community.
Podcast buzzsprout.com
Facebook Followers 176Twitter Followers 215Instagram Followers 777 Since Feb 2020 Get Email Contact

21. Healing Migraines Naturally

Healing Migraines Naturally Conventional migraine medications and supplements only treat the symptoms of migraines that's like turning off the check engine light on your car, but not having a mechanic figure out and fix why the light came on in the first place. Join Leslie Cisar - licensed naturopathic physician, migraine specialist, (former chronic migraine sufferer), and health-restoration expert - each week to learn how to recover from chronic, debilitating migraines.  This is a migraine podcast like no other out there - full of hope, health, healing, and positivity. There is hope for all women with chronic migraines. Stop sitting on life's sidelines, and rediscover a migraine-free life!
Podcast drlesliecisar.com
Host Leslie Cisar
Frequency 4 episodes / year Avg Length 45 min Listen on Apple Spotify Get Email Contact

22. Migraine Science Collaborative

Migraine Science Collaborative The Migraine Science Collaborative podcast series features enlightening and entertaining conversations with leaders in the migraine and headache fields.
Podcast migrainecollaborative.org
Facebook Followers 53Twitter Followers 856 Listen on Apple YouTube Get Email Contact

23. International Headache Society

International Headache Society IHS is an international professional organisation working with others for the benefit of people affected by headache disorders. As a charity, the purpose of IHS is to advance headache science, education, and management, and promote headache awareness worldwide.
Podcast ihs-headache.org
Facebook Followers 9.2KTwitter Followers 7.1KInstagram Followers 7K Frequency 5 episodes / year Since Jan 2020 Get Email Contact

24. Life With Debilitating Migraines #1

Life With Debilitating Migraines #1 This podcast is about what life with debilitating migraines is like, as well as debilitating digestive issues and how they affect me personally and can similarly affect others who suffer from them. I, Ah Nahm is hoping that by sharing my experiences I can help other people to better understand this difficult condition.
Podcast podcasters.spotify.com
Since Aug 2020 Listen on Apple Get Email Contact

25. Overcoming unmet needs in migraine

Overcoming unmet needs in migraine In this 3-episode podcast series, experts Dr Patricia Pozo-Rosich, Professor Peter Goadsby, and Professor Messoud Ashina discuss the unmet needs in migraine management. Here, they touch upon the complex barriers for increasing the clinical use of anti-CGRPs, as well as the importance of properly treating acute migraine.'We can't lose sight of the fact that migraine attacks are frightening for patients. They need to feel reassured that they can be controlled.'Listen Now. This content is intended for Healthcare Professionals only. Not intended for US audiences.
Podcast migraineneeds.podbean.com
Facebook Followers 28.2KTwitter Followers 2KInstagram Followers 25.5K Frequency 3 episodes / year Avg Length 17 min Listen on Apple Spotify YouTube Get Email Contact

26. The Headache Situation

The Headache Situation The Headache Situation is a series of podcasts intended to make headache patients more aware of strategies to get better healthcare. Edmund Messina MD, a neurologist, headache specialist and headache sufferer, offers information about how to deal with migraine and other headache disorders.
Podcast edmessina.podbean.com
Since Dec 2018 Get Email Contact

27. The Migraine Guy Podcast

The Migraine Guy Podcast The Migraine Guy Podcast by Kevin covers his own experience with migraine, the latest migraine news, migraine tips, information and more
Podcast theheadachereview.com
Facebook Followers 902Twitter Followers 1.3KInstagram Followers 1K Since May 2017 Get Email Contact

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Nora McInerny Host omny.fm/shows/the-head-start-embracing-the-journey 11
Jonathan Taves Host buzzsprout.com/1343245 18
Adam Lowenstein MD FACS Host headache360.libsyn.com 1
Diane Ducarme Host migraineheroes.org/episodes 18
Fabiola Reyes Host rootcausesolutionsforyou.buzzsprout.com 1
Debbie Waidl Host sites.libsyn.com/498553 22
Stephenie Host preventamigraine.com/blogs/news 5
Haya Saif Host podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/6p8ab6t9478 18
Leslie Cisar Host drlesliecisar.com/podcasts/healing-migraines-naturally 21
Migrants with Migraines podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/migrants-with-migraines 56
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