100 Best D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) Podcasts

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D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) Podcasts

Here are 100 Best D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) Podcasts worth listening to in 2024

1. Critical Role

Critical Role Welcome to Critical Role, where a bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors sit around and play Dungeons & Dragons! Join Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer and an all-star cast of world-class performers each week as they travel through imaginary realms for more adventure than you can shake a magic staff at. Need a deeper dive? Be sure to catch Talks Machina with Brian W. Foster, the official Critical Role companion show, right here on Critical Role.
Podcast critrole.com
Hosts Matthew Mercer, Brian W. Foster
Facebook Followers 227KTwitter Followers 699.8KInstagram Followers 721.1K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 194 min Since Feb 2019 Get Email Contact Get Influential Podcasters ContactsGet access to 100k active Podcasters, Influencers in 1500 niche categories.Get targeted media contact list in your niche at your fingertips so you can focus on running your campaign.Email us the categories of Podcasters you want to reach out for your marketing campaign at anuj@feedspot.com Copy email. We'll share active Podcasters list with verified email contacts in an Excel or CSV format.

2. High Rollers DnD

High Rollers DnD Welcome to High Rollers, a live-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast! Join Dungeon Master Mark Hulmes and his players as they explore the world of Aerois on Europe's biggest RPG stream!
Podcast cms.megaphone.fm
Host Dungeon Master
Facebook Followers 1.4KTwitter Followers 41.2KInstagram Followers 16.7K Frequency 1 episode / day Avg Length 84 min Since Jul 2017 Get Email Contact

3. Oxventure

Oxventure The Oxventurers Guild presents a DnD real play podcast! Join Johnny Chiodini, Jane Douglas, Andy Farrant, Mike Channell, Ellen Rose, and Luke Westaway for chit-chat and chaotic good times. The Oxventure Podcast brings you new commentary alongside audio versions of classic Oxventure Dungeons and Dragons sessions recorded for live shows, streams, and the original video episodes published on YouTube channels Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra.
Podcast cms.megaphone.fm
Hosts Johnny Chiodini, Andy Farrant, Jane Douglas
Facebook Followers 36.1KTwitter Followers 75.5KInstagram Followers 58.6K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 116 min Since Aug 2020 Get Email Contact

4. The Adventure Zone

The Adventure Zone Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy from my brother, my brother and me have recruited their dad for a campaign of high adventure. Join The McElroys every other Thursday as they kill a nauseating number of goblins in.
Podcast maximumfun.org
Hosts Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy, Griffin McElroy
Facebook Followers 54.8KTwitter Followers 197.9KInstagram Followers 132K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 66 min Since Dec 2014 Get Email Contact

5. Cast Party

Cast Party Welcome to Cast Party: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast! Thrust into the world of D&D, four cast and crew members from a Hollywood film set to find themselves with new powers in VERY new places, on an adventure none of them really know how to process.
Podcast cms.megaphone.fm
Hosts Ryan McManus, Anna Brisbin
Twitter Followers 1.3KInstagram Followers 10.2K Frequency 4 episodes / week Avg Length 64 min Since Oct 2020 Get Email Contact

6. Dungeons & Randomness

Dungeons & Randomness Four groups play D&D in Theria. Their choices shape the world and each other. New to the podcast? Start with 'Arc 5: Episode 1' and dive into the action!
Podcast dandrpodcast.com
Hosts Jason Massey, Brianna Marie
Facebook Followers 11.8KTwitter Followers 2.8KInstagram Followers 765 Frequency 1 episode / day Avg Length 103 min Since Oct 2012 Get Email Contact

7. Lawful Stupid

Lawful Stupid We at Lawful Stupid are a D&D 5e actual play podcast who actually love to play. We love everything about the Tabletop RPG Community and consistently strive to make the world a better place within that community through inclusivity, creativity, charitable acts, and above all else, fantastical heroism. If you want to be a part of the amazing dnd community of artists, creators, and all around amazing fun people that we are building please join us in our discord.
Podcast podcasters.spotify.com
Host Alex Bonnet-Sheppard
Facebook Followers 571Twitter Followers 2.1K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 58 min Get Email Contact

8. Greetings Adventurers

Greetings Adventurers Greetings Adventurers is an award-winning actual-play, comedy podcast using Dungeons and Dragons as a framework for creating a (mostly) improvised narrative. Greetings Adventurers has been releasing weekly since November of 2012.
Podcast shows.acast.com
Host Michael DiMauro
Facebook Followers 4.9KTwitter Followers 14K Frequency 1 episode / day Avg Length 62 min Since Nov 2012 Get Email Contact

9. Dungeon Master's Block

Dungeon Master's Block Welcome to the Dungeon Master's Block the place where we focus on the dungeon master, the most important person in the game.
Podcast dungeonmasterblock.podbean.com
Hosts Mitch, Neal Powell, Chris Thompson
Facebook Followers 2.5KTwitter Followers 10.8K Frequency 4 episodes / month Avg Length 42 min Since Jul 2014 Get Email Contact

10. Not Another D&D Podcast

Not Another D&D Podcast Dungeon Master Brian Murphy is joined by Emily Axford, Caldwell Tanner, and Jake Hurwitz in one of the best and beloved D&D podcasts out there. Listen along as three unlikely heroes attempt to right the wrongs of those who failed to save the world before them. Not Another D&D Podcast has sold out shows across the world, from Ireland and the U.K. to a multi-city Australian tour, with such a dedicated fanbase that audience members arrive in cosplay as their favorite characters
Podcast naddpod.com
Hosts Brian Murphy, Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz
Facebook Followers 5.8KTwitter Followers 45.3KInstagram Followers 61K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 87 min Since Feb 2018 Get Email Contact

11. Dungeons and Daddies

Dungeons and Daddies A D&D real play podcast about four dads from our world transported into the Forgotten Realms and their quest to rescue their sons. Not a BDSM podcast.
Podcast dungeonsanddaddies.com
Hosts Will Campos, Anthony Burch, Matt Arnold
Facebook Followers 20KTwitter Followers 78.7K Frequency 3 episodes / quarter Avg Length 67 min Since Jan 2019 Get Email Contact

12. Roll Seekers

Roll Seekers Welcome to Roll Seekers and the Legend of Nabell, where a group of normal gamers, just like you, play Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) for your enjoyment. This live actual play podcast takes place within the unfinished world of Nabell, where the gods are dead, and yet, sometimes, prayers are still answered. Change your roll. Change your fate.
Podcast open.spotify.com
Host Dustin Ritchea
Facebook Followers 357Twitter Followers 73Instagram Followers 1.5K Frequency 2 episodes / month Avg Length 202 min Get Email Contact

13. The Madness Table

The Madness Table A not so well-rounded Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition adventuring party featuring a wizard, a cleric and a warlock are kidnapped and awaken imprisoned in the Underdark. Yes, this is Out of the Abyss, an adventure module playthrough ran by the sadistic Dungeon Master William Johnston.
Podcast themadnesstable.buzzsprout.com
Host William Johnston
Facebook Followers 20Twitter Followers 79Instagram Followers 112 Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 68 min Get Email Contact

14. We Speak Common

We Speak Common Two DMS and friends talk rules, books, game tales and more. Discover the world of D&D and learn alongside Ben and Joe.
Podcast podcasters.spotify.com
Hosts Ben Norris, Joe
Twitter Followers 1.1KInstagram Followers 43.9K Frequency 1 episode / month Avg Length 67 min Since Oct 2018 Get Email Contact

15. The Alchemist Club Podcast

The Alchemist Club Podcast An original Dungeons & Dragons 5e podcast. Five characters try to survive after being imprisoned by a mysterious cult.
Podcast thealchemistclub.podbean.com
Twitter Followers 1.1K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 60 min Get Email Contact

16. Knocked Prone

Knocked Prone Knocked Prone is a clean, chaotic, and deep podcast for Dungeons & Dragons nerds! Follow along with Dungeon Master Kade Backus for this family friendly actual play podcast featuring a crew of talented story-telling voice actors as they explore the fantastical realm of the Badlands, filled with pop culture references, lovable NPCs, and legendary tales. Listen to Campaign 1, where four teenagers unravel a dark mystery involving their city of Great Grumbopolis, or Campaign 2, where four new recruits of Ascended Corp. fight against the gods and giant corporations competing for worshippers...
Podcast feeds.buzzsprout.com
Hosts Kade Backus, Danny Denison
Twitter Followers 1.7K Frequency 3 episodes / month Avg Length 35 min Since Dec 2020 Get Email Contact

17. Dice Paper Role

Dice Paper Role Welcome to Dice Paper Role, a weekly Dungeons & Dragons podcast. **WARNING** This podcast contains the following: - Random, warped, and dark senses of humour - An apundance of lame jokes - Hijinks and antics - Adult themes and loads of swearing - High level of nerd factor - Original home-brewed narrative - Frequent references to pop culture - Epic combat descriptions - Aussie accents - A fresh new DM every 10 or so episodes, so you never get bored!
Podcast podcasts.apple.com
Hosts Greg Pickering, Ben Clements
Facebook Followers 525Twitter Followers 2.4KInstagram Followers 818 Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 73 min Get Email Contact

18. Roll Britannia

Roll Britannia An actual play D&D 5e comedy podcast from 5 British lads, with little to no experience in dungeons or dragons. Join James (the DM), Tom (Keth Frostiron), Chip (Jeff Silverbow), Paul (Malrus Tosscoble), and Alex (Derek Normalbeard) on their pirate adventure, as they explore the world of Dungeons and Dragons (but badly).
Podcast rollbritannia.co.uk
Hosts Jeff Silverbow, James, Keth Frostiron
Facebook Followers 662Twitter Followers 4.8KInstagram Followers 2.5K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 70 min Get Email Contact

19. The Unexpectables

The Unexpectables Follow the travels and tribulations of Task the Kobold Ranger, Greckles the Kenku Rogue, Panic the Tiefling Bard, and Borky the Orc Barbarian, as they traverse the dangerous and mysterious lands of Alivast, and the Capital City that hosts a bungle of characters, magic and villains.
Podcast 101club.libsyn.com
Host Curtis Arnott
Twitter Followers 12.3K Frequency 7 episodes / quarter Avg Length 177 min Since Nov 2017 Get Email Contact

20. Total Party Kill

Total Party Kill Adventuring since 2013, Total Party Kill is an actual-play podcast in which a bunch of friends play D&D on the Internet for your amusement.
Podcast theincomparable.com
Hosts Jason Snell, Tony Sindelar
Facebook Followers 366Twitter Followers 1.1K Frequency 1 episode / day Avg Length 66 min Since Jan 2014 Get Email Contact

21. Not Great Dungeon Crawlers

Not Great Dungeon Crawlers Welcome to Not Great Dungeon Crawlers, a weekly live-play Dungeons and Dragons show full of laughs, roleplay, and intense stories, streamed on the NotGreatRPG Twitch Channel. Join our ragtag band of would-be pirates as they adventure and the world collapses around them.
Podcast bgorilladnd.podbean.com
Facebook Followers 170Twitter Followers 652Instagram Followers 311 Frequency 3 episodes / month Avg Length 163 min Since Oct 2018 Get Email Contact

22. Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons

Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons is a Dumb-Dumbs & Dice podcast where improvisers who've never roleplayed before journeying into the world of Dungeons & Dragons. The show is hosted by our dungeon master, Tom McGee, and our regular players: the sneaky Tyler Hewitt, the brilliant Laura Elizabeth, and the flatulent Ryan LaPlante. With special guest comedians joining us on our journey, follow our heroes as they begin their adventures!
Podcast cms.megaphone.fm
Hosts Tom McGee, Ryan LaPlante, Tyler Hewitt
Frequency 4 episodes / month Avg Length 55 min Since May 2017 Get Email Contact

23. Major Spoilers

Major Spoilers Listen, learn, and laugh along with the members of the Critical Hit Podcast. The continuing saga of four adventurers seeking fortune and glory in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Plenty of role-playing and fun for anyone interested in the D&D experience.
Podcast majorspoilers.com
Host Stephen Schleicher
Facebook Followers 3.5KTwitter Followers 8.2KInstagram Followers 1K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 73 min Since Jul 2008 Get Email Contact

24. The Dungeons & Dragons Lorecast

The Dungeons & Dragons Lorecast Tom & Stuart take you on a journey of the imagination to a far away wizard's tower where they discuss the lore behind Dungeons and Dragons. This is the best way for everyone from experienced dungeon masters to new players to learn about the worlds, gods, races, histories, locations, and more behind D&D.
Podcast cms.megaphone.fm
Hosts El hijo de bobby salsa, Mary Cybil, Shaun Hamill
Twitter Followers 444 Frequency 2 episodes / month Avg Length 59 min Since Mar 2020 Get Email Contact

25. Twenty Sides: A DnD Podcast

Twenty Sides: A DnD Podcast Twenty Sides, a fast-paced, story-driven, actual-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Available on all podcast platforms.
Podcast buzzsprout.com
Twitter Followers 89Instagram Followers 6.2K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 38 min Get Email Contact

26. Spare the Crying

Spare the Crying Welcome.Come over to the fire.Don't mind the passing voice of the train.Look up at the sky. There's a story to tell. A story following the train tracks, rivers, strings of fate...This world is dark after the Downfall. We rebuild. We fear.Some of us still listen.Join me. Listen to the stars.---STC is a homebrewed, Dungeons and Dragons TTRPG actual play podcast made by 5 queer artists and creators.Our world is inspired by Americana folk tales, the Fey, and post-post apocalyptic worlds like Breath of the Wild and Castle in the Sky.
Podcast podcasters.spotify.com
Twitter Followers 58 Frequency 24 episodes / year Avg Length 63 min Get Email Contact

27. The Billowing Hilltop - A D&D Podcast

The Billowing Hilltop - A D&D Podcast A Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast. Ancient Brits play D&D 5E as they lurch headlong through the classic Paizo Age of Worms Adventure Path! Join us at our table for a mix of adventure, laughs and hapless incompetence. But mostly hapless incompetence.
Podcast billowinghilltop.blubrry.net
Host Michael Burnett
Facebook Followers 163Twitter Followers 1.4K Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 52 min Get Email Contact

28. Lads on Tour Podcast

Lads on Tour Podcast A comedy D&D podcast about a stag does at the end of the world.
Podcast open.spotify.com
Hosts Sam Ferguson, Ruaraidh MacDuff, JJA Harwood, Fay Evans
Twitter Followers 408 Frequency 2 episodes / month Avg Length 94 min Get Email Contact

29. Foes and Fables

Foes and Fables Welcome to Foes and Fables! An Actual-Play D&D Podcast. Venture into atypical campaign settings full of mystery, laughs, and emotional attachments to the characters brought to life by Dungeon Master Tanner Azzinnaro and Players Zach Stenzel, David Sturges, Nathan Augustyn, and David Beaman. New episodes release every Thursday!
Podcast foesandfables.castos.com
Hosts Zach Stenzel, Tanner Azzinnaro, David Sturges
Facebook Followers 25Twitter Followers 50Instagram Followers 420 Frequency 1 episode / week Avg Length 83 min Get Email Contact

30. Hexplorers DnD Podcast

Hexplorers DnD Podcast Home of The Wildcards actual play DnD series. We rolled a low initiative but now it's our turn and we're ready to play. Based out of Canada, Hexplorers is home to original Dungeons and Dragons content, the weekly actual play DnD game The Wildcards (which we're releasing live after playing in this campaign for nearly three years) and much more!
Podcast hexplorers.captivate.fm
Twitter Followers 136 Frequency 2 episodes / month Avg Length 159 min Since Aug 2020 Get Email Contact

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D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) Podcasters

Top Podcasters covering D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). Get Spreadsheet.
Podcaster Name Email Role Podcast Link Total Episodes Twitter Handle Twitter Followers
Matthew MercerHostcritrole.com/podcast1@matthewmercer936.7K
Brian W. FosterHostcritrole.com/podcast1@brianwfoster17
Dungeon MasterDungeon Master, Hostcms.megaphone.fm/channel/NSR862535209493@sherlock_hulmes84.2K
Johnny ChiodiniHostcms.megaphone.fm/channel/GNL212803122729@johnneh29.9K
Andy FarrantHostcms.megaphone.fm/channel/GNL212803122729@farrantula55.3K
Jane DouglasHostcms.megaphone.fm/channel/GNL212803122729@janedouglas81.1K
Justin McElroyHostmaximumfun.org/podcasts/adventure-zone1@justinmcelroy
Travis McElroyHostmaximumfun.org/podcasts/adventure-zone1@travismcelroy245.9K
Griffin McElroyHostmaximumfun.org/podcasts/adventure-zone1@griffinmcelroy289.4K
Ryan McManusHost, Podcast Producer & Editorcms.megaphone.fm/channel/NSR5910490795@ry_mcmanus3.7K
Anna BrisbinHostcms.megaphone.fm/channel/NSR5910490795
Jason MasseyHost, Co-Ownerdandrpodcast.com58@jasondandr892
Brianna MarieHost, Co-Ownerdandrpodcast.com58@hexmaniacmarie852
Alex Bonnet-SheppardHostpodcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/lawfulstupiddnd11@cacographygirl122
Michael DiMauroHostshows.acast.com/greetings-adventurers25@thriftynerd12.9K
Neal PowellHostdungeonmasterblock.podbean.com9@joatmoniac1.1K
Chris ThompsonHostdungeonmasterblock.podbean.com9@dm_chris1
Brian MurphyHostnaddpod.com/episodes29@chmurph85.2K
Emily AxfordHostnaddpod.com/episodes29@eaxford130.5K
Jake HurwitzHostnaddpod.com/episodes29@jakehurwitz89.7K
Will CamposHostdungeonsanddaddies.com16@willbcampos
Anthony BurchHostdungeonsanddaddies.com16@anthony_burch44.8K
Matt ArnoldDirector/Writer/Hostdungeonsanddaddies.com16@mattlarnold49.7K
Dustin RitcheaProduction Director, Hostopen.spotify.com/show/3bI5ES9bpXM3Gd9aDBJvEc?si=SNrJ8UcsRQWqt8UdfC04dQ&nd=160@dustinritchea
William JohnstonHostthemadnesstable.buzzsprout.com21
Ben NorrisProducer, Hostpodcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/wespeakcommon27@benjfnorris667
Kade BackusHostfeeds.buzzsprout.com/220154176
Danny DenisonHostfeeds.buzzsprout.com/220154176@denison_danny18
Greg PickeringHostpodcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/dice-paper-role-a-dnd-5e-podcast/id1277363225?mt=12@damnitgerg161
Ben ClementsHostpodcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/dice-paper-role-a-dnd-5e-podcast/id1277363225?mt=12@ofdiceandben180
Jeff SilverbowHostrollbritannia.co.uk9@jeffsilverbow216
Keth FrostironHostrollbritannia.co.uk9
Curtis ArnottHost101club.libsyn.com28
Jason SnellHosttheincomparable.com/tpk25@jsnell
Tony SindelarHosttheincomparable.com/tpk25
Tom McGeeDungeon Master, Hostcms.megaphone.fm/channel/dumbdumbsanddragons214@mcgeetd
Ryan LaPlanteHostcms.megaphone.fm/channel/dumbdumbsanddragons214@theryanlaplante723
Tyler HewittHostcms.megaphone.fm/channel/dumbdumbsanddragons214@tyler_hewitt956
Stephen SchleicherHostmajorspoilers.com//category/critical-hit23
El hijo de bobby salsaHostcms.megaphone.fm/channel/ROBR332606932786@gucciparmesan83
Mary CybilHostcms.megaphone.fm/channel/ROBR332606932786@mary_cybil250
Shaun HamillHostcms.megaphone.fm/channel/ROBR332606932786@shaunhamill1.8K
Michael BurnettHostbillowinghilltop.blubrry.net
Sam FergusonHostopen.spotify.com/show/37hz50mNFXTiAOnXxUFRb512@samkferguson
Ruaraidh MacDuffHostopen.spotify.com/show/37hz50mNFXTiAOnXxUFRb512@ruaraidhmacduff74
JJA HarwoodHostopen.spotify.com/show/37hz50mNFXTiAOnXxUFRb512@jjaharwood1.4K
Fay EvansHostopen.spotify.com/show/37hz50mNFXTiAOnXxUFRb512@onlythegirl1.5K
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